Meclift specializes in innovative materials handling equipment for ports, railroads, road transports, and diverse fields of industry. We’re committed to helping our customers worldwide to handle materials even in the most demanding conditions. We focus on their needs and operating conditions in the design and manufacturing of our products.

The Meclift range of products and services responds to several different material handling needs. Our Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks cover lifting capacity ranges from 16 tons to 50 tons.

Our strength in supporting our customers resides in an innovative business culture, which provides a fruitful base to successful R&D and individual solutions. Our passion is to facilitate the operations of our clients utilizing competitive solutions by being proactive and responding to requests swiftly.



Wherever efficient material handling is needed, Meclift is committed to assist you. Our patented, high technology is designed to handle cargo at ports, railroads, airports, road transport, and factory grounds worldwide.

To ensure the competitiveness of our customers, we assist our clients in line with their individual needs regarding technical solutions, delivery scope, and schedules.

All our variable reach trucks and related attachments feature Finnish technical know-how and innovation.

We are committed to providing cargo handling industries with state-of-the-art, innovative products that help improve productivity, cost efficiency, as well as environmental and occupational safety.



Meclift™ variable reach trucks and side reach stackers are designed to improve productivity and efficiency in cargo and materials handling. Our set of various attachments, such as the Double Forks System, Air Cargo Pallet Forks, and Loading Box, make them suitable for a wide range of work phases.

Due to their excellent lifting capacities, the Meclift™ materials handling machines are operated at ports and logistic terminals worldwide. The design of all Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks and Side Reach Stackers enables them to perform smoothly also in confined places. Due to their high-quality materials, parts, and sturdy structure, they function reliably in all environments, even withstanding extreme cold, heat, and humidity.

To help our clients run their operations with ease, we are committed to considering their individual needs from research and development through to the delivery. Our several international patents protect Meclift™ machines.



Take control of steel and aluminum logistics. With Meclift, you can handle materials safely and without damaging the goods. Meclift solutions are versatile. You can use one machine with several materials handling tasks, or decide each one on one specific function. Take total control over your logistics with Meclift variable reach trucks and attachments.

Using the tools we have developed, it is possible to load/unload materials into/out of containers, significantly faster than with the existing tools and machines. However, our tools are suitable for all kinds of material handling, whatever you need in ports, at a factory, or even in a cargo hold.

Meclift was founded in 1993 in Tampere, Finland. We have a long history of logistical innovations and have introduced several unique solutions to the markets.



Meclift™ ML3012RC and ML4212RC Variable Reach Trucks are the perfect solutions for stone block handling.

The low and narrow boom structure enables to load and unload massive stone blocks inside a freight container. With bogie rollers attachment Meclift™ ML3012RC and ML4212RC Variable Reach Trucks can put 30-ton stone blocks inside a 20-feet container.

The safety of cargo is critical when handling marble blocks. With Meclift, you can handle materials safely and without damaging the goods.
Meclift™ ML5012R can handle stone blocks up to 50 tons of weight.



Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks ML1612R is in active use, for example, in the Finnish army. ML1612R trucks are loading cargo inside containers and handle air cargo pallets.

In addition to heavy cargo lifting, ML1612R is perfect for practically any other material handling needs. It is superior compared to conventional forklift trucks. Different kinds of Meclift attachments increase opportunities for using one machine for multiple purposes. It lifts 20-feet containers from fork pockets and stacks them up to 3-high.

Meclift is a Framework Supplier for the State of Finland. The public procurements include Meclift products for both military and civil use.