With the Meclift™ ML4212RC variable reach truck, you can take your heavy lifting operations to the next level, on efficiency and safety. ML4212RC is capable of lifting 42 tons with 1.2m load center, and it can reach up to 3.25 meters and taking the lifting height as high as 7.8 meters. It is superior compared to conventional forklift trucks.

With high reaching capability, Meclift ML4212RC excels on loading and unloading materials to containers. Our telehandler can reach to the end of a standard 20” container and still lift 13 tons, making all logistical maneuvers significantly more comfortable and safer.

With a vertically movable cabin, the driver can position him/her self on the right place, to see either the forks or surrounding areas, whichever is needed at the moment. This makes it much safer to operate this heavy truck. To improve safety, ML4212RC can be fitted with cameras, to both front and rear.