A success story

Who We Are

Terranz International LLC is dedicated to providing solution in lifting, construction, material handling in the Middle East Market & India backed by extensive experience, International business networks, the expertise of a team of professional engineers, managers, and technicians. Terranz International LLC will possess a robust supply chain with excellent quality and delivery capabilities in the Middle East & India with Head Offices in Dubai.

Terranz is the exclusive agent of MECLIFT, MOVELLA(Finland) MenziMuck & FTMH.

Terranz International LLC aims to be partners in project in the field of Ports ,Aluminum, Oil and Gas, Logistic, Heavy Equipment. We believe our strong belief in partnerships with our clients and suppliers will always augmented our active engagement in Sales, Service, Spare Parts, Rentals, Leasing and Outsourcing projects and will make us one of the most preferred One Stop Shops for everything related to Heavy Equipment in the Middle East soon.

  • Mission

    To give customers the most compelling lifting & transporting experience possible.

  • Vision

    Realizing the full potential of the cranes -- to drive a new era of lifting, transportation, and productivity.

  • Values

    We stand proud and united, empowered and energized by the new initiative. And we truly believe in Terranz International Future, This is just the beginning.