ML3012RC is a compact Variable Reach Truck with a 30-ton lifting capacity at a load center of 1,200 mm. Low and narrow boom structure enables to load and unload heavy cargo inside a freight container.

Superior reaching ability and a lifting height of 6 meters enable to reach places that are beyond the reach of conventional forklifts. This telehandler can reach the maximum weight in the middle of a 20-feet container and smoothly loads long goods in the middle of a 40-feet container with the Bogie Roller attachment. This excellent feature is welcomed among our customers, and ML3012RCs are currently used e.g., at ports or terminals to load heavy cargo, such as massive stone blocks, inside containers. It is superior compared to conventional forklift trucks.

“Like ML1612R, also ML3012RC can load or unload 20′ freight containers even if the containers are on a trailer!”

A comfortable cabin provides a safe and ergonomic working environment and hydraulic movability ensures clear visibility, even when handling bulky objects. Customized Meclift Attachments increase the functionality according to the needs of each work environment. ML3012RC is designed to operate reliably in rough conditions. Supported by worldwide known components and easily accessible spare parts, ML3012RC is a safe choice.