Heavy EngineeringWorkshop

Movella translifters, trestles and cassettes are ideal for heavy engineering workshops. Use Movella products to improve safety and reduce handling damages and increase productivity with huge operational savings.


Movella translifter is more than just a trailer!

The idea is to place all the difficult cargo on the trestles and then move them easily by a translifter. For heavy engineering workshop this means

  • Improved safety and less handling damages
  • Driver can pick-up and leave big components independently
  • Component can be manufactured, painted and warehoused on the same load platform
  • Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products can be warehoused anywhere
  • Production space is released for effective work
  • Even big components are transported easily
  • Surface treatment and painting works more effectively
  • Less crane operation needed

In total this results to improved safety and much less handling damages, increased productivity with huge operational savings.

How to use Movella products in Heavy Engineering Workshops

Movella products for Heavy Engineering Workshops